Spending more - to spend less

Today I was listing to a new episode of the Radical Personal Finance which is called “Spending money to save money”.

All things bash: some of my most used alias

Since starting my work as a professional iOS developer i’ve become more and more fond with just using the terminal. Wether it’s a ninety-days git-via-terminal challenge or simply trying to become a keyboard-ninja: there are things only the terminal can do.

Nitpicky details: Updating UITableViewCell

During a code-review of a newly implemented listing screen our team encountered an implementation of a UITableViewCell subclass which featured IBOutlet updating using the didSet-closure.

Fixing gollum installation under macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra

I’m currently researching a way to setup a personal wiki to outsource some information from my brain. While database-driven wikis like MediaWiki are interesting i prefer file-based cms because of their sheer simplicity. That’s what brought my attention to wiki cms like GitHub Gollum.

People ask me why i blog

Sometimes the world moves too fast for me. There’s Twitter here, Facebook there, a great article opened in a browser tab and 138 unread Slack messages in another tab.

Pulling the plug - I’m finally leaving WhatsApp

I like software. I’m a pretty social person. I use my phone a lot. But i really, really dislike WhatsApp. It is all about peer-pressure.

How coming back to Facebook after five years felt

For those that don’t know: I left Facebook about 5 years ago. Back then, Facebook had shifted from people actually posting stuff that’s remotely interesting (changes in their lives, discussions about politics, etc) to people posting only their current food, or how they currently feel.

PrIma: Progressive Images in Jekyll

Progressive image loading is pleasing to the eye and improves the UX of your website by a lot. This post explains how i integrated it in my jekyll site.

Apple Dev: A closer look at AppId and BundleId

Lately there has been a lot of confusion regarding AppIds, Bundle Identifiers and how they are tied together. So I tried to clear the fog.

How to build a Jekyll tweet template

A quick tutorial on how to build your own template for jekyll to embed any tweet easily - without a plugin, using Liquid includes.

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