How coming back to Facebook after five years felt 

Published 2017-07-27 on

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For those that don’t know: I left Facebook about 5 years ago. Back then, Facebook had shifted from people actually posting stuff that’s remotely interesting (changes in their lives, discussions about politics, etc) to people posting only their current food, or how they currently feel.

And it had also become a platform for people to not actually tell others about their lives, but to pretend they live different lives than they actually do.

People created their profiles towards the life they desired — not the lives they lived.

This was boring as hell, and misleading.

So I stopped using it. I deactivated my Facebook account (since you couldn’t delete it at the time) and felt…. Free.

A few weeks ago a friend told me that Facebook had a marketplace feature. This sounded perfect as I’m currently selling a lot of very old / duplicate / uninteresting video games and other stuff, so I logged into my work Facebook account and started selling stuff.

A quick note about that “work” Facebook account: there was a time when our CEO wanted his employees to be present on Facebook. So i created a new account.

So i posted some stuff like a gamepad, a fitness-sensor, and stuff like that. After entering a group specifically made for Nintendo sharing, I posted several Nintendo games that I wanted to sell. One guy was interested in buying a WiiU game and asked what payment method I preferred. So I asked a friend of mine how people pay on Facebook in the Year of 2017. He suggested PayPal “Friends and Families” since its the faster and cheapest option.

I replied on the game entry on Facebook:

Hey! I’m happy to send it to you, could you send it to me using PayPals “Friends and Families” function?

That’s when it all started.

I would never buy from this guy. He refuses any identity confirmation, wants you to pay with PayPal without buyers protection and clearly wants to trick you.

I was shocked. Wait, what?

Turns out PayPals function “Friends and Families” is made for people that trust each other. Alright, I get that. My bad.

However what truly hit me, was the amount of hatred this stranger threw at me – a total stranger to him.

Naturally a shitstorm of comments started.

Some users took side with me — some users took his side.

To fast-forward: I didn’t sell the game. It’s not a problem.

But my Facebook experience so far? Omg.

Do you remember that moment where you where talking to someone about your problem and just about anyone starts to try to advise you?

Facebook is like that times 1.000.

I never missed social networks and when logging into Facebook after years i thought: wow, this platform sure has changed a lot.

But the problem is:

The users didn’t.

My friends and colleagues are there, but all they do is post articles and bullshit videos. Their profiles looked all the same: a try to draw themselves in the best light possible. Boring.

So yeah, Facebook is ….. boring. And toxic.